Thom Pankhurst - Grow

- Exclusive Single Premier -

Brighton, England's Thom Pankhurst bursts onto the scene today with his brand new track "Grow," Listen now only on TMRX

Emerging from the din of math rock antiquity and rocketing past its future, soloist and UK composer Thom Pankhurst's new single "Grow" delivers brisk melodic interplay with a most distinguishedly clean fretboard touch.

His hands seemingly float above his strings as though telekinetic. They warm themselves up crafting a trademark math rock sound that opens "Grow" with a midtempo 6:8 tapping gem.

Clearly setting tones of nostalgia, emo, and personal roots, his indivisible double set of arms soon interjects an opposing attitude of Shiva's many-limbed chaos in a display of godlike grandeur. At 0:52 seconds in, Thom smashes the whammy bar and like a girl's crimped hair, the sonic waves gargle and form a zig-zag like effect edging further into a previously unknown realm.

Igniting an unexpected take off into a fight or flight mentality, Thom now quickly awakens the listener, biomes above the gentle and slow primordial stiring method of the intro.

Early Chon-style hybrid picking takes the listener on a wild ride with unexpected sophistry at every turn. After the shredfest a brief relapse into the original beginning riff visits as a bridge to the outro.

When asked about the tracks modal structure, Thom responded with a humble yet informative response of, "It's mostly C minor with a few sneaky chord substitutions in there! I use quite a few extended chord shapes to move it a bit away from C minor but that's the basis for the majority of this track."

C minor always makes me reminiscent of Fiona Apple's feud with her producers who didn't want to let her end her song and album in C minor. It's a scale that's easy for modern ears.

Chord inversions and C minor go hand in hand and this track really encompasses all that C minor has to say. Be sure to listen again and again to not miss any of the sweet riffs. I rate this song 5 out of 5 and am eager to hear more from Thom Pankhurst.

Artwork by the ever amazing Taylor Rose Makes Art

Mastering at ZT Music Studio by Zac Tiessen

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