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6 Reasons We're Excited for ArcTanGent 2016

ArcTanGent 2016 lineup

ArcTanGent Festival is just days away now and here are some great reasons to be excited. In no particular order...

A full 2 hour set from Godspeed You! Black Emperor with all the bells and whistles

Post-rock legends GY!BE are an archetypal post-rock band: long, slow build-ups into furious walls of noise, cryptic video projections and intense visuals. The band have become the benchmark for post-rock around the world and have come all the way from Canada especially for this set.

The biggest ever ArcTanGent

More bands than ever before, with an extended lineup on Thursday including sets from likes of Talons, Axes, Three Trapped Tigers and Mono.

Stage-hopping is now easier than ever

With the Bixler stage moving next to the Main (Arc) stage, it’ll be easier than before to catch as many bands as possible. There are too many to name here, but some of the bands we’re excited for are American Football, Enemies, Nordic Giants, Poly-Math, Tangled Hair, Quadrupède, Chiyoda Ku and Black Peaks.

Plan your weekend with this tasty clash finder.

Cleft’s last ever show

A sad moment this will be as we say goodbye to the inventors of "turbo-prog", Manchester duo Cleft. Tears will be shed. It’ll probably be something a bit like this but in a giant tent.

The Boss Truck

ArcTanGent have teamed up with Roland who will be bringing their Boss truck to ArcTanGent so you can try out a bunch of different pedals. There will also be demos from bands such as Body Hound, Alma and Memory of Elephants between 9am-11am on Friday and Saturday mornings.

Toe’s first UK gig since 2012

Japanese mostly-instrumental band Toe are pretty hard to define. Some call them math-rock; others would say jazz-fusion. All we know is that they are one of the most incredible live bands on the planet. Watch their CUT DVD right now and you cannot possibly fail to be excited - it’s mesmerising.

There are a few tickets left available via the ArcTanGent website.

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