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X Suns Review and Interview

X Suns (Pronounced "Ten Suns") is an instrumental "space rock" band from Seattle, WA. In their newest two song 7 inch X Suns flawlessly brings together the epic sound of post rock with the interwoven angular guitar licks of math rock and metal. Track 1 "Strawberry Mansion" starts with an atmospheric droning pattern setting the pace for an internal battle between picking and strumming riffs. We end up in an almost apocalyptic feeling with full horns blaring until the off sounding warble of a digression sleeps us into utter silence. Track 2 "Twelve Hours" is in some ways the opposite of its' predecessor. We get triumphant sounding warcries for guitar licks, we get hope. This song really makes you feel ALIVE! After a brief rest; interludes of simple yet epic solos and strumming riffs cycle until the eventual abrupt resolution. For only two songs there's much to consider here. In lieu of vocals or lyrics X SUNS offers us a journey, into a state of turbulence, clarity and awareness. I also encourage everyone to listen to X Suns earlier records, because you've been sleeping on this band for way too long! -M Chan Interview: TMRT: Welcome aboard gentlemen! How did each of you guys get started playing music? Trent (Drums): My parents bought me my first drum set when I was 11, and I've played pretty much every day since. My Dad is a multi-instrumentalist and he taught me some very helpful things, like Iron Butterfly's "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida." I also played percussion in jazz band during middle school. I mostly just tried playing along to Smashing Pumpkins and other stuff I was into at the time. Burke (Guitar): I got started playing music when I was 12 on a black fender strat and took acoustic lessons f