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Italian band Valerian Swing's new album "Nights" starts us off with epic post rock vibes and

sparse usage of vocals which reminds me of The Appleseed Cast.

This record is very emotionally engaging. The music on this album builds upon itself. When listening to "Nights" it seems as though we dip into ambient parts that make us feel

like we're being put into a very vast, and space like place within ourselves,

only to then reemerge from it with effects laden guitar and enthusiasm.

There are quick journeys into introspection scattered throughout this album.

Each song on "Nights" has a distinctive pattern. "Eight Dawns" & "Six Feet" have a very brooding feel,

while songs like "Five Walls" and "Three Keys" are pure and transcendental.

Valerian Swing will haunt you inside of a ghoulish, ambient space-loop during one moment and

then pull you out of that with a comforting warm dream like atmosphere the next moment.

I feel that's how the band intended their music to act upon listening;

like a roller coaster of moods they produced with their instruments, effects and hearts.

Complete with math rock style guitar hooks on songs like "Six Feet" & "Four Horses"

this album will be in longstanding rotation on my playlist.

It's soulful grooves and passionate energy is what I'm sure everyone will enjoy! Our favorite jams on this album are: Seven Cliffs, Six Feet & Two Ships -Jorge A. & Boaz C. The Math Rock Times

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