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Coffee Breath - "I'll Lose Interest In This"  Stream and Review

For a band as new as Birmingham England's Coffee Breath, their sound is such an eloquent and developed one. In the first few seconds of track #1 "Summertime", Coffee Breath gives a nod to the song "Elm" by the now defunct band Clever Girl. I take that as a very welcoming gesture and just one of the many hidden gems throughout this EP. Our featured song track 4 "Daydream" starts out just like a daydream with a sullen tempo amidst an intermittent single reverberated guitar strumming pattern and then quickly picks up the pace with an overall positive disposition. (You're listening to the song right?) The lyrics from vocalist Sam Tidmarsh express a longing for self improvement; "I wish I could be good at something more, than sleeping through troubled times" but Daydream doesn't get too sad as the guitars' warm tones brighten up the energy levels and keep the hopes high. As this record plays out it's easy to tell that Coffee Breath takes their songwriting and musicianship seriously. You can tell they have dedicated much time to the production of these quality tracks. While you can hear subtle influences from great bands like Tangled Hair and Ttng; Coffee Breath creates their own unique identity. It will take a great deal of time before I lose interest in this new Coffee Breath record if that's even possible!

-Mathy Chan

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