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Jauti - Gap Year EP

"Gap Year" is the new EP from the Lituanian band Jautì which consists of 4 childhood friends that grew up making music together. I personally wasn't expecting to feel so refreshed and excited when listening to this EP. I was impressed that they started singing in their native tongue as well as singing in English. There aren't enough bilingual bands out there today! The tropical feel that Gap Year EP has is quite endearing and brings forth memories of bands like "Gallops" and "Trails." That also might have to do with the mango pineapple smoothie I was enjoying while listening. I chose to listen to the album as one uninterrupted song which you can also do by following the link from their bandcamp page to their YouTube account. Gap Year EP is a math-pop romp from start to finish. Jauti calls themselves a "mathy indie art rock" band but they're as tropical as the beach and very poppy as well. There are parts throughout the EP that are very relaxing especially during track 4 "Optimism is not that good." That song is the quintessential sound of the band. I'm not really into intros but their introductory song to the EP track 1; titled "Intro to the second song" worked so well in setting what was to come next in that it immediately hooked me. Gap Year EP hits all the spots I long for in a math pop record. I'm a sucker for fast and catchy stuff that then becomes chill and emo. The guitar work on this record really stands out bringing us awesome melodies while the drumming patterns accentuate the rest of instruments very well. Jauti works to build you up and then ease you into the transitions so smoothly. The bass lines have some very interesting progessions that really pulled me in emotionally. The stand out factor of their songs for me has to be the vocals. It's a great thing for American listeners to hear to lyrics in a foreign language and by proxy hear the bands' culture bleed through. Not every band can succeed at writing lyrics in both their native language and in English. Mind you putting lyrics to math rock music in any language is difficult enough for most people. A big nod to the band for that. I would suggest listening to Gap Year EP in full for maximum enjoyment. Don't forget to support Jauti. I know everyone will enjoy this music as much as I do! Favorite songs: 4, 5 & 6

writer: Jorge A

editor: Mathy Chan

The Math Rock Times

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