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Lilly Legit New song Premier!

Stream Lilly Legit's New Song: "Appointments (Do I Have Any?)"

We Bring You Our Favorite German Pianist Extraordinaire:

Benny Gunther; who performs under the moniker

"Lilly Legit"

Lilly Legit brings us polished piano jams using

signature chops and poly-rhythmic vibes.

"Appointments (Do I Have Any?)" while being a solid

progressive rock/jazz tune gives off a sort of Latin type

feel to it reminding me of the stock tune when I pressed the

bossa nova demo button on my old Casiotone keyboard.

Complete with mathy undertones this new song is sure

to be a standout track as part of a release later this year.

If you're craving more check out Lilly Legits' previous material on bandcamp here:

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