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Blanket Forts - "Bahamas" New Track Stream!

3 piece band from Austin, Texas "Blanket Forts" bring their new single "Bahamas"

This song is all smiles from start to finish. In the beginning "Bahamas" has a sound that somehow makes me picture Englishmen hunting fox in the forest, I have no idea why, it just sounds regal and proper! With a guitar sound reminiscent of the English punk band "Toy Dolls" that being sharp, angular, and punchy, Blanket Forts bring the heat like it should be brought: Fresh, bold and exciting! (not bland at all!) I am honestly hung up on the first few seconds of the first guitar riff, it almost sounds like something one would hear in classical music to an extent, especially the end of that riff which lasts 5 seconds. In those 5 s