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Rest Ashore - "Pornoviolence" New Album Premier

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Pornoviolence is the 2nd full length studio album by New Jersey's

"Rest Ashore"

Rest Ashore is a fairly new band who brings us a delightfully upbeat album of songs with a bountiful harvest of stop/start action, noodly guitar licks and soul.

Rest Ashore's vocalist Erica Butts belts out the notes like no one else in math rock ever has! Her youthful vibrancy shines through with every verse and sometimes a raspiness cracks through the harmonious measures with a guttural raw passion!

It's a refreshing change of pace to hear such a drastically different style of vocals here with Rest Ashore than what's commonly heard in math rock.

Two of our favorite tracks from this record are tracks 5 & 6 "Drunken Fist" and "Life In The Time Of Tear Gas" which are both purely instrumental jams reminiscent of Chon's noodly jazz fusion style of shredding as displayed on "Newborn Sun"

Rest Ashore's most exciting attributes come from the impassioned vocal styling of Erica Butts. The infectious exuberance of her singing is unmatched by anyone, especially in the math rock scene. Her lyrics are brutally honest and touch on some of the more personal aspects of romance and dating with a bit of a humorous spin. Angst and tension are some of the many feelings exuded by her voice, making this record just as much emo as it is math rock or math pop.

This album has it's ups and downs emotionally, as most of the tracks on Pornoviolence are quickly paced non-meandering bangers with no time for reflection, there are also a couple of slow tunes such as "Death By 1,000 Cuts", "Soyuz Sweetheart", and "Suck & Blow."

We hope you take the time to get acquainted with Rest Ashore and enjoy them as much as we do!

-Mathy Chan (The Math Rock Times)

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