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Recuerdos de un Sueño Perdido - Valle Bravo

Mexico City's 4 piece band "Recuerdos de un Sueño Perdido" bring us some fresh tunes in their latest record "Valle Bravo"

This thriving band gives off somewhat contrasting vibes the way the screamo type vocals are belted out over non metallic mathy midwest emo type of instrumentation with a slight post hardcore feel in the pace of the songs at times. Fast paced drumming as the foundation to sometimes thrashy & noodly guitar riffs make this new record fit in to my usual taste regarding math rock, these jams however are definitely more aggressive in nature than the average polished clean math rock band, one may even go so far as to label this music "emoviolence"

My Favorite songs are 3, 4 & 5


-Mathy Chan

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