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Through Forest and Field - "Somewhere Between Lost and Found" New Song Premier!

The new single "Somewhere Between Lost and Found" by Australian/Singaporean up and comers "Through Forest and Field" showcases for us an atmospheric journey through a forest of relaxing vibes and a field of buttery smooth guitar soloing.

The slow and deliberate jazz fusion type of reverberated guitar soloing, combined with an ambient gloomy post rock setting gives this jam a unique dynamic not often heard by many in our scene.

"Yeah, we want to post rock and chill but we also want to SHRED!" is what I'm gathering they must have been thinking when writing this song.

The characteristics of both math rock and post rock are found here which reminds me of my favorite mathy post rock band "A.Armada." If you're familiar with A.Armada you'll find similar only less intensely fast paced vibes here. This is certainly music to wind down the day with. Enjoy! -Mathy Chan

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