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Luna Vista - Quarterly Issue No. 4

"Quarterly Issue #4" is the latest release from Portland, Oregon based 4 piece band "Luna Vista" This three song Ep finishes the series of 4 released starting in March of 2017.

Luna Vista offers us a rich, full and polished sound. This latest Ep is a dreary minimalist math rock, reverb heavy shoegaze one with mostly clean, cool almost whispered vocals. The guitars blend together so beautifully. My favorite song on this album is the 1st track "Seven Efforts" which displays a warm, fuzzy toned noodly guitar riff in the beginning. Towards the middle of "Seven Efforts" The pace slows down a little with a chorus and drumbeat you can't help but to head bang to and even though this is relatively soft music the vocals finally break through with an ever so subtle screaming bout which only lasts for a couple of words. The mood of this album is very sullen, evenly paced and downtrodden however not dark. I don't need my music to always sound happy and cheerful anyways!

Track Two entitled "Opal" maintains the same dreary vibes as the first track in the beginning but all of a sudden the guitar riff and texture changes in such a way that the music becomes optimistic, hopeful and slightly less "dreary." I am enjoying Luna Vista's new release a lot as it kind of reminds me of Zoo Strategies' "Languager" album, Verse Metrics and a little bit of Minus The Bear. Enjoy!

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