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Dog Drive Mantis - How Did We Get Here? New Album

"Dancing On Symbols" is the first single from the new album "How Did We Get Here?" by Toronto's:

Dog Drive Mantis.

Upbeat instrumental jazzy rock with a positive disposition is my initial impression of this new record overall, as well as this particular song.

The following song track #3 "This May Bear Some Fruit" is just as positive and happy sounding only a little slower paced and with more of a traditional jazz feel to it. Twinkly sounding guitar riffs peek in towards the middle and in closing we get a saxophone solo ending you could easily dance to!

Track #5 "Jungle Girl" which will premier here on in 1 week on the 31st offers us a snare heavy rolling beat with car horn like blaring stop/start brass action. Some dissonant tones are heard while a free jazz vibe ensues. About midway through the song the intense pace breaks for moment with a more chilled atmosphere until the end when we hear distorted guitar soloing and strumming reminding us that this is just as much rock as it is jazz! I hope you all will enjoy these jams as much as I do!

Dog Drive Mantis' new record is a great one suited for fans of Jean Jean, Dumbwaiter and Clever Girl, Enjoy!

-Mathy Chan

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