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New Music By Old News!!

"Old News" brings us a new Ep entitled "Castro"

Old News, is a 4 piece band from Wichita, Kansas that I'm sure fans of The Most, Our Daily Fix and Clever Girl will very much appreciate due to the vibrant horn section, mathy guitar tapping, and excellent song structure!

With a slight punk edge displayed in the sometimes raspy vocals, fast drum beats and intermittent aggressive bursts, not being outright punk or hardcore, this new Ep is sure to attract harder style fans as well as the general math rock fan.

My favorite track #2 "Everyone's A Minimalist" displays a rapid pace and high energy. This song just plain rocks! If you only listen to one song from this Ep make it this one!

Track 3 "Spring Sensibility" is purely instrumental and serves as a bit of an introspective intermission between the songs with vocals, however it's not slow or boring in the least bit!

On track #4 "1917 Cherry St." the vocals in the beginning remind me a tiny bit of Deathcab For Cutie, that being a sharp and nasally tone delivered with a sullen and quiet conveyance.

If I still listened to tapes, I know this one would get warped from being played so often, as it has all of the things I look for in good music.

I'm so glad Old News contacted me about this new Ep and am very happy to share it with TMRX followers. Enjoy!

-Mathy Chan

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