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LITE at Forever Alone Fest Feb 24th in Mexico City

LITE is a renowned 4 piece instrumental band from Japan that formed in 2003 who are headlining Mexico city's FOREVER ALONE FEST on February 24th @ La Fortaleza Zaragoza 63, Buenavista.

Tickets can be purchased here:

LITE's disco infused style of math rock imbues a festive roller-skate ride akin to performances at the legendary Studio 54. LITE's music embodies a party filled atmosphere. With truly remarkable songs boasting melodies crafted to be unforgettable amidst the sweet knock out punches of guitar riffs LITE shines through any darkness imaginable. The revered band highlighted comes forth as a premier example of poppy pragmatism employing a vast array of influences and musical dialogues.

LITE projects authority as masterful creative engineers of technically complex soundscapes like none of their peers can, with the exception of toe. With 5 albums recorded as of today each member of LITE has had a time to come to the forefront of the constitution that makes the band's ever evolving presence in modern music so relevant.

LITE consists of Nobuyuki Takeda on lead guitar, Jun Izawa on bass, Kozo Kusumoto plays both guitar & synthesizer, with Akinori Yamamoto on drums. Every single one of LITE'S albums have made the music charts in Japan. LITE's 2011 album "For All the Innocence" was the most successful one at #85 on the Oricon chart.

LITE's live performances are nothing short of pure raw energy achieving it's highest potential in a wave of color and sound that will change the way you perceive skillful musicianship. If you're keen enough to make this festival maybe you'll be lucky enough to hear LITE play a song or two from my favorite album "Installation."

Enjoy this video of LITE playing "100 Million Rainbows"

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