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Moonatic - "Another Sky" New Album Showcase

Moonatic is a four piece band from Mexico City that will premier their album

"Another Sky" on Feb 22nd. Everyone in Mexico City should mark their calendars for this event which will be held at the historical theater, Foro del Tejedor.

Moonatic employs a very interesting style of unassuming twinkly post rock with soothing vocals. Unexpected time signature changes give way to complete shifts in mood which take me by surprise. Those same riffs welcome new beginnings within each song while still providing resolution to the current riffs predecessor. I have recently been enjoying their latest album "Inner" which boasts hushed vocals instantly reminiscent of Jim Morrison. Moonatics' vocalist, Jorge De Haro's singing stays at a consistent, quiet level for the most part, the backing harmony adds much needed depth to the monotone nature of the lead vocals. Every so often, Moonatics' quiet breakdowns remind me of The Appleseed Casts' "Low Level Owl" album, both the ambient electronic parts as well as the full band playing. They use these little side steps as relaxing conclusions to their songs, as well as bridges to other chapters on their journey. I can hear some early Dredg vibes as well when listening to Moonatic. Both aforementioned bands utilize a plodding tempo amidst poetic art rock that's not outright violent sounding yet creates bursts of nearly aggressive energy. I hear sudden outcries of emotion from this band that get almost to the point of becoming excitable but they pull back and regress into their introspective and quiet characteristics once more. Moonatics' album release concert is a showcase for Forever Alone Fest which takes place on Feb 24th also in Mexico City. Make sure that if you're in the area to be a part of history by being the first to hear their new material and enjoy!

-Mathy Chan

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