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Peruvian band Kinder to open for LITE at Forever Alone Fest

Kinder is a Peruvian five piece instrumental rock band with occasional guest vocalists such as Cristina Valentina and Santiago Pillado. Math rock, post rock and IDM, are all genres the band have listed describing their sound. There are however, many more influences that Kinder draws from than the three aforementioned usual genres.

"MIGRACIONES," Kinder's latest full length album as of today is the one that I'll be focusing on here.

There are often dance inducing disco sounding drum beats that permeate Kinder's music. The intelligent dance music aspect (IDM) comes in when I hear the computer-gone-haywire type of synthesizer squeals over the bustling activity that encapsulates Kinder's overall vibe, as heard in their songs "El Exilio De Godomar" and "Oakland."

It really is no wonder that Kinder is opening up for Japan's LITE at Forever Alone Fest this weekend. The similarities between Kinder and LITE are plentiful. The straightforward nature of the drumming patterns, the stop-start guitar riffs and the dance beats are all mirror reflections of each respective band. Kinder is known to go off into tangents with their ideas at times, which is where the Post Rock aspect comes into play, but they always bring their expedition back to the base of what gives their sound so much stability in the circular progressive patterns they employ, as shown in their song "Simple 7."

It's not all taps and twinkle every second with Kinder! On their song entitled "Oakland" they start out with what seems to be a busy electronic song that surprisingly evolves into a progressive emotional post-hardcore masterpiece! This song being so far as the forth track as well as the first song on the album with vocals surely took me for a curve upon first listen! The passion exuded by the near voice cracking and heartfelt singing of Sergio Saba from fellow Peruvian band Seeking Ithica nearly brings me to tears. All in all Kinder will take you on a vivid journey of musical expression much sought after to remind oneself about the days when bands like Maths Class, or Shit Disco would grace the stage and make everyone dance while still "mathing" very hard! Be sure to check out Kinder's full body of work to get more acquainted with their truly phenomenal and diverse sound.

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