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Fernandez at Forever Alone Fest

Fernandez: a dazzling four piece band from Aguascalientes, Mexico will perform at Prefiesta-Forever Alone Fest in Mexico City on February 23rd, the day before the big festival on February 24th . This showcase takes place at El Cuartel, Bucareli 66, Centro.

Fernandez often abbreviated as "FRDZ" offers up an epic math rock sound with post rock undertones. There is an abstract traditional Latin music influence heard in Fernandez's tunes that's difficult to pinpoint. The chord changes and percussion heard in their music are vaguely reminiscent of Flamenco, giving each song a special spicy punch!

With FRDZ there is never a dull moment, this band is as energetic as they come with rapidly paced drum beats, frenetic guitar riffs and an all around exciting atmosphere. FRDZ's latest record is a self titled Ep.

On "Fernandez Ep" six songs of fiery math rock goodness can be heard. The technically complex and playful nature of their guitar riffs can be attributed to guitarist Juan Carlos Carreón's appreciation of similar sounding bands such as Covet, And So I Watch You From Afar, and Tortuganónima.

In a recent post The Math Rock Times featured FRDZ's first music video, one for their song "Habanero."

watch here:

Habanero starts out with dueling guitars intertwining to make a single riff, one guitar tapping while the other strumming. Tension builds with the next idea brought forth in a swell of breakdown drum beats and strumming guitar riffs which brings anticipation. Towards the end a noodly guitar riff enlightens the listener with a forward-reverse pattern which is a perfect ending sequence to this absolute banger of a song! The Dia De Los Muertos imagery of a woman with sugar skull face-paint dancing in a red dress brings more depth to this song and provides an excellent visual representation of FRDZ's culture. This particular endearing nod to the band's heritage is greatly

appreciated by TMRT. A day to honor your fallen relatives is something anyone could benefit from to help remember their roots.

Be sure to catch other top level acts on this bill such as Kinder & Quiet Fear.

Enjoy Forever Alone Fest friends!

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