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The Math Rock Times Favorite Female Musicians - International Women's Day 2018

This is a list of The Math Rock Times favorite female musicians. Join us in celebrating International Women's Day!

Anika Nilles

This virtuoso drummer from Germany consistently blows us away with her knowledge of time signatures, textures and all around imaginative abilities.

Yvette Young

Yvette is one of our favorite musicians. Her way of finesse with the guitar is unparalleled.

She is a California born and raised teacher with passion towards innovative guitar songwriting, birds and art.

Her current band Covet has one EP called "currents."

and a single called "Ares"

Yvette's recent video for her song "Blossom"

She also releases amazing solo records:

Kylee Arakawa

Instagram sensation @_imahalfu_ never fails to amaze her audience with short snippets of killer tapping riffs:

Alicia Rei Kim

Alicia is also from California and has a band called Dokoe

She is inspired by the music of Joe Hisaishi, toe, and LITE.

Her music imbues vulnerability, purity and she stands for embracing your own personal identity and being true to yourself.


This is one of Alicia's recent solo songs: