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Bicurious - "I'm So Confused" EP Premier

Bicurious is a two piece band

that hails from Dublin, Ireland.

A country with strong tendencies towards forming duos.

"I'm so confused" Is their debut EP.

Sounding much like a vigorous response to Ireland's trademark post-rock scene, these tracks stir emotional complexity with a sunny disposition.

At the extreme degree of fanaticism, one senses themselves being injected into the zoomed-in experiential view of warm glowing embers. Spark-fueled combustive riffs ignite these tracks with decorative pop-in harmonies. Going strong while remaining wholesome, the sound of Elysian is personified in the act of stewing a better tomorrow. Like mercurial wool, the melodies repeating

patterns encompass the listener with an authentic maternal nourishment. The festivity encountered within these tracks have a peculiar underlining safety and understanding nature. This sentiment is a community cohesion that truly defines Irish math rock.

I can hear a clear influence from Giraffes? Giraffes! and fellow Irish rockers And So I Watch You From Afar in these tracks, a much deserved compliment to a burgeoning power duo that I'm glad to hear new material from! Producing many songs to play at bars as an ode to brotherhood, Bicurious will be sure to make new waves in DIY culture.

Oddly going back to emotional complexity the tracks include samples from a Terry McMahon speech about homelessness and suicide in Ireland. In the end this EP aims at caressing and lifting up those in dark corners. Perhaps not the most pragmatic but this effort is clearly honest, courageous and noble. Be sure to check out Bicurious on bandcamp & enjoy!

-Mathy Chan

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