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Sonar - "Vortex" Album Premier + Interview

Sonar- "Vortex" featuring David Torn with interview

“Benoit Mandelbrot first coined the term 'fractal' in 1975, discovering that simple mathematic rules apply to a vast array of things that looked visually complex or chaotic. As he proved, fractal patterns were often found in nature's roughness describing partly random or chaotic phenomena such as crystal growth, fluid turbulence, and galaxy formation”.

Master architects in the construct of sonic temples even when utilizing lush melodic hypnotism, “Sonar” can only be described as being on the fringes of what separates us from infinity and the other. Hailing out of Switzerland, the band brings us the new record “Vortex”, destined to not only break compositional boundaries but attain timeless acclamation from all music lovers and critics alike. Sounding like a more prog-ish orchestral “Jp Bouvets Childish Japes”, originality oozes from all corners.