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Wait and Shackle

Wait and Shackle -Happy 26th Birthday

This new EP by Wait and Shackle brings forth an onslaught of melodious bliss. Combining together an array of influences like punk, progressive pop, and odd metered psychedelic rock,

"Happy 26th Birthday" delivers an energetic burst of raw passion. Attributed to the chaotic rhythmic punches from hard hitting drums, the pictorial lens unveils the predicament of waking after an all-night banger. Everyone knows that feeling of the momentary confoundment of the in-between realms. The possibility of serpentine like turns in uncharted terrority is powerfully present and rather intimidating.

The band blankets themselves in mystery with superb technical mastery employed from the get go. Being sonically pulled by divergence, one is astonished and hastily surrenders any semblance of comfortable musical familiarity.

Breaking all rules, Wait and Shackle phenomenally engages the listener while it emanates a prodigical affinity for thoughtful narration amongst a chaotic jungle of riffage. Truly original, alien, the hymn to gods of their own making - it pours out fluidity and avoids angular disruptions of groove.

Vaguely drawing out where as to go, the members coelesce together, catching the listener off guard. Just as the listener grows accustomed with the cosmic dance between universes, they are surprised by the process of rendering the gap between each instrument to a pin point. Elegance and layers of meaning plus suggestivity give way to being fully in the moment as one is literally sucked out of contemplation into action. Putting to work melodic and technically sound guitar riffs, the softed spirit slowly simmers beneath the prowess of such a heavy rhythm section. As persistent opaque layers are washed clean by the wave-like ambitions of pop validity, what hides behind the monster is the last thing one would expect. Sheer wondrous liberties into single notes, enabling shivers and palatable intuitive sensations of invitation.

As the ear is seduced deeper and deeper into the emerging sonic medium, the group opens a concrete pathway. The bombardment overlaid against the oceanic textiles are however quite pleasant. In the act of lacing together uniquely twisted melodic lines, the guitar takes over most of the syncopation duties. Protected by an outer metallic shell, the melodies pierce through all boundaries into some soothing aqueous pedal play. As the bubbles surface from the cold dark depth, the other members realign their position and regroup to form a cruising motion ahead. Backyard melodies entice the realms of memory as the protagonist hangs on for the ride. Now accustomed to the ever-changing rhythms within “Halfway to the Fourth Wave," one can enjoy the attitude of metal beside the fragile sensibilities of post-rock intention.

Clocking in at 6 minutes and 30 seconds, this final song, “Halfway to the fourth wave” opens with alarming vigor. Slightly devoid of directional solidity, the intro paints confusion in a dimly-lit musical atmosphere.

While the last track on this EP illustrates the bands virtuous musicianship, the rest of the record finds itself lost in the ecstasy of 3-way vocal harmonies which are akin to a cleaner Algernon Cadwallader.

Wait and Shackle's utilization of a complete color palate in the form of textural variance and focus really aids at creating a movie in the listener’s mind. The outfit seems to take a universal approach, leaving nothing out of their equation all the while delivering spastic ecology-shifts within the music’s emotional tone. For every moment of noodling guitars occupying the horizons, emotively rich singing is the centerfold page - complete with mysterious stains.

Be sure to check out W&S's bandcamp for more tunes!

-Agent 0

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