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Sketchshow - "Carbon Copy" Exclusive Premier!

Patchwork EP” is the debut release by Sketchshow,

a five piece math rock outfit residing in

Southampton, UK.

This band exhumes a multidimensional character which is both silhouetted and astonishingly bright. Fronted by the lovely vocalist Satin Bailey, Sketchshow's songs themselves bear complexity regarding the way their main influences are strung together. Exploiting fluidity of motion, these compositions interject new band leaders directing a point in time like a constant game of musical chairs. The songs' melodic phrasings act as obstacles in the story of the protagonist. Ducking and dodging shooting stars Satin's vocals twist and turn endlessly. These songs are perfect to sing along to! Natural harmonics ring four notes ahead only to collide against punching poly-rhythmic guitar patterns that are drowned out by the labyrinthine fretboard tapping melodies of Adam Curran. Guitarist Luke Phillips’ presence alone paints an intricately defined forest that constantly grows for the vocals to inhabit. Satin's voice swims in mid air like a siren calling out with an overwhelming urgency for home.

The finished product in Sketchshow's new EP sounds like a band called Orchards singing on top of the also impressive Patchwork Natives. The soul of the mid 2000’s era of Bristol’s trip-hop scene underlines Sketchshow's controlled chaotic instrumentation with a strong narrative based vocal presence.

Histrionic breakdowns deepen the band's emotional reach all while the keys and bass take their turns in the discussion. Sharing a place at the table with bands like Signals, TTNG and Paramore, “Patchwork Ep” is densely universal. With grand effectiveness in the process of building a conscious, palatable and relatable entity, Sketchshow’s music connects to ones' most basic instincts where they lay rooted only to be pulled deep into a hyperspace tunnel of kaleidoscopic disintegration. The end result is quite a blissful experience.

Be sure to check their bandcamp on April 6th for the full album and Enjoy!

-Molli Simpson

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