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Poly-Math - Exclusive Premier "1258" from album: House of Wisdom

Poly-Math - Exclusive Stream "1258 | In the Sights of Mesopotamia" From The Double Album: "House of Wisdom | We Are The Devil" to Be released April 20th via Lonely Voyage Records

The psychologically oppressive cut "1258 | In the Sights of Mesopotamia" explores a shape-shifting motorized beast that has been scaled up to an enormous size. As per gods painting the cyclical seasons of man, huge and lambent phenomena is in play here. The piece is fueled by sonic polyforms graphing ever-morphing figures across a congested space. The trio Poly-Math correlate seemingly impossible spatial relationships, all the while maintaining masterful melodic intent and thrilling displays of accomplished musicianship. Capturing the curve traced out by an abstracted particle, the hectic quantum circuits underlying biology and the entropy within non-uniform behaviors, the outfit describes and then dismantles all boundary representations. This traveling exhibition of a song opens in iron-clad demeanors and notable metal musical intentions. Feeling enclosed after having arisen in response to the wall of blackened harmonically-hardened ice, math rock rhythms predominantly from the snare accentuation and drummers meter switches introduce themselves against the outspread of metal’s imposed deliria. Now having created new pockets inside the music’s interplay, a slower droning process meshes the contrasting opaque and translucently canorous ecologies. A half-time shuffle feel takes over the pulse of "1258" which almost restarts the track entirely. Melodic themes follow in congruence as the shuffle is chopped up into odd-metered swagger. More math rock tension ensues before falling into a post rock euphoric duplicity. The lullaby-like serenade which punches out the composition is a harsh, hastened slap in the face and encompasses the embarrassment only known in silence. - Agent 0

PR: Heavily influenced by early pioneers of prog like King Crimson and Yes, Poly-Math's sound meshes together the more modern sensibilities of bands like The Mars Volta, Battles and Death from Above with elements of heavier progressive bands like Mastodon and Russian Circles, to create a completely unique, densely-layered, off-kilter take on instrumental math rock.

This new double album also boasts an expanded roster of musicians including saxophone, organs, a small amount of vocals, and is the third to be produced by ASIWYFA's engineer, Lee MacMahon, who is in many ways the fourth member of the band and an important contributor in the writing process for every Poly-Math album. Sessions were recorded between Brighton Electric Studios in Brighton, NWFA Studios in Pulborough and Start Together Studios in Belfast.

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"The title and concept behind "1258" set the scene for the inspiration behind the entire double album concept. The track itself is named after the year that Hulegu Khan entailed the investment, capture, and sacking of Baghdad, the capital of the Abbasid Caliphate, and the home of the House Of Wisdom, the namesake of our record. The track is tuned a tone lower than the rest of the record - we wanted it to be very heavy and menacing full of frantic stabs, and big wide open riffs. One of the longest tracks on the record, we were trying to open with something that included something from every area of our dynamic range." - Poly-Math

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