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Sloth & Turtle - "Telemachus" Exclusive Track Premier

Sloth & Turtle's Debut Self Titled EP

In this fresh new album comes the exclusive premier of an epic track entitled


Pouring from the flowing rivers of Santa Rosa, CA; Sloth and Turtle bounded in a bundle of observational relativism, is an outfit that employs all species which frolic about the math rock jungle. The track opening in halftime, exhumes post rock grandeur for which accounts for vast volumes and spatial dislocation. The drums are first to impose an array of possibility. From the get go, harmonizing seems to be the main deciding agent regarding phrasing, within warmly weaved cordial slides. Sounding not far from Vasudeva’s Cycles ChonSloth and Turtle

most melodic lines on“Sloth & turtle's Debut EP” with better rhythmic accompaniment, the pop validity is soothing while basking in its' richness. With every new progression an attitude of let go into more daring juxtapositions ensue. In a mature intuitive thoughtfulness the drums slowly lay back as to enable apertures for double time guitar licks. This surrender into the moment drives a force akin to newer runs which are disjunctive introduced into growing sonic tension. Running rolls are punched by every member holding true to the jarring spirit of 70's jazz fusion accentuation which raises the energy to en tropic levels. Though only within this regard, the band envelope themselves in a more grounded and accessibly preventative poise. With sections criss-crossing and constantly veering off path, a low attention span like discussion proceeds towards resolution. Apparently on a quest for more, what stands out most about this music has to be the slower paced slide based guitar foundations. There’s a particular way of stringing together technique collisions and these guys have the handbook. Every time they give way to heavy metal geometric there is a sadness spawned, of which instills the need to press repeat. The band often split into two distant focal points and draw out adventures in the direction of one another. Where the guitarists share steel bonded cohesion, the bass and drums occupy a counterpart musical perspective. The combination of funky-rock drumming and acoustically spawned emo guitar licks is a tried and true combination that keeps perfecting itself through the squid fingers of the coming generations. With no trajectory and all systems void, this EP is truly experimental and a tale of self discovery. I hope you all will enjoy this as much as I do!

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