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Tierpark - Vacance

Tierpark unveils their new album "Vacance"

Seoul, South Korea's Tierpark combines bright, comforting, and well-constructed riffs with the romantic female vocals of Seehee Kim.

Tierpark's sound is self described as “Dreamgaze” which is quite a fitting description of the tangents the band often goes into providing sullen yet warm guitar tones that allow listeners to reflect and drift away into an introspective journey. Each song on this record has a distinctive presence: while the tracks are bound together by a polished yet hazy warmth, their guitar and drum parts make them unique.

Seehee Kim’s vocals feel like a drama unfolding before my ears—I need to know what happens next in the story.

It’s perplexing to feel this way without understanding the lyrics, but in a sense, my lack of understanding strengthens the effect of the well-articulated mood of SeeHee's vocals. In other words, the fact that I don’t speak or understand Korean means that I'm not analyzing or over analyzing the lyrics verbatim and can focus on the cadence, delivery and emotions portrayed, which in turn makes me eager to learn more about the Korean language.

One of my favorite tracks is “Hiccup Breakup.” In this song, the guitar riffs take the wheel, putting the vocals in the backseat for a brief moment. The angular, choppy guitar patterns alongside cartoon like pedal effects really hit home.

"Shimmer" is another favorite from this record. The song starts out by building a dreamscape with the perfect amount of delay in the guitar riff. The beginning sequence sounds perfectly like a movie montage when the protagonist has a revelation, then the song evolves into a noodly pop riff giving way to the rest of the songs' upbeat character. Showcasing all of the band's talent "Shimmer" encapsulates the journey of this album as a whole and is a perfect ending to a beautiful piece of music that I will enjoy for quite some time. I hope you all will enjoy this record as much as I do! be sure to check for Tierpark's full discography.

- M Chan

- editor: M Zhang

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