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Strawberry Girls - Interview

How is the tour going?

SG: It’s been good. We’ve really enjoyed it as all of the shows so far have been pretty awesome. It's kind of a progressive rock/emo tour as far as the other bands we've played with are concerned, so it’s cool to be able to do something totally different.

Were you in any bands before SG or Dance Gavin Dance that you think people should check out?

Ben: We were in local bands in high school and college, nothing too crazy though. I don’t know if the music is online like on MySpace or anything. My other band Eternity Forever is a current project that I think Strawberry Girls fans and fans of Chon's newer songs would like.

Agreed! I'll bet "Chon - Homey" fans would love Eternity Forever! Who or what inspires your musical creativity the most?

Zac Garren: We’ve all been musicians for a long time, so we all have bands that we really like that, or that inspire us to write our own music. For myself, I’ll say The Fall of Troy, Circa Survive, Norma Jean, Tera Melos, Martin Wulfa, bands like that.

Who are your current favorite bands? All time favorite bands?

Ben: I like Foals a lot -- they’re mathy and indie. I’m also really into At the Drive-In, Glass Drop, and the heavier post rock kind of stuff like X-Suns and Mental Architects. Now we do a lot of pop, rap and random stuff. We really like Kendrick Lamar.

That's awesome, we had an exclusive song premier for Mental Architect's last record, maybe SG can give us a premier for your next one (hint.) So, what are you trying to convey through your music?

SG: We just want to be entertaining and fun. Maybe a little groovy, a little dancey, a little sexy, a little swag, a little funk, a little lit. We’re mainly just trying to entertain people and make people have a good time.

What’s next for Strawberry Girls?

Ben: We’re just trying to get more tours and record -- pretty much the two main things. We’re actually writing and recording a new record this summer.

That's good to hear, I can't wait to listen to it! Thanks for taking the time to talk to The Math Rock Times right before your set tonight, I'm very excited for the show, rock on guys!

SG: Thank you, we hope to be back very soon!

-M Chan

Strawberry Girls - Italian Ghosts

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