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Marcos Mena of Standards - Kynwyn's Birthday

Marcos Mena from Standards has just released a new song entitled

"Kynwyn's Birthday" watch it here:

This song can be accurately described as absolute perfection. Marcos begins with a three-part strumming pattern serving as an appetizer to a playful back and forth tapping-slide melody which incorporates a short fingerstyle lick.

Upon first listen I know I'm in for a special treat here. Marcos guides the listener from a poignant intro into a twinkly noodling bridge accented with surprising and startling harmonic slaps. Circling back to the initial opening riff Marcos reflects on the past only as a means to birth a funky migration into a section that showcases the "left/right butterfly tapping" tecnique which has been most recently popularized by Josh Martin of the band "Little Tybee." In closing we hear hints of appreciation for the styles of other talented, unconventional guitarists such as Jon Gomm and Yvette Young of the band "Covet."

The gentle finess of Marcos' playing presents a warmness that can comfort anyones soul, tame the wildest beasts and put your mind at ease. No matter what else is going on around you, watching and hearing this song is akin to a journey into an alternate reality where all that matters is blissful enjoyment and appreciation for the talent of this world class musician. This song encapsulates a top tier level of beauty in songwriting and an unsurpassed level of skill in one fell swoop.

To articulate such a high level of technicality without compromising emotion and soul is quite hard to do, but not for Marcos Mena. I hope you are as moved by this piece as I am. I look forward to May 28th when Marcos' band Standards release thier first album. Enjoy! (all underlined words are links)

-M Chan -- The Math Rock Times

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