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Honeybender - New Song Premier

Honeybender - "Don't Ask Me I'm Not A Scientist"

New Track Premier!

Portland, Oregon's Honeybender have just released a hot new single!

This song is short and sweet. To begin we hear a brief 6 note-6 strum intro, which leads to a very dance inducing drum beat alongside a dungeon level video game bgm sounding guitar riff accented with harmonic plucks. Tapped slides come to our rescue with a "twinkle attack" to top it off. We're then greeted with a labyrinthine maze of a riff which leads us to a brief pause set in stone by splashes of waves from the cymbals and an awkward sounding guitar slide.

Coming back to riff city with the dungeony sounding pattern, we're met with a simple lead hook from the guitar that sounds wet and warbled, this acts as a perfect balance to the mix, and an abrupt ending that only leaves you desperate for more. This song should be longer in my opinion, things start to really heat up at the very end. There should be more to this story, I feel like Honeybender is holding something back. Hopefully we can get more songs like this one on their upcoming album to be released in September of 2018. Until then enjoy this new song on repeat a few times! I certainly will be listening more!

-M Chan

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