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DJ Perro

DJ Perro - Canis Allegro

"Canis Allegro" is the debut Ep by DJ Perro.

Don't let the name throw you off this is not electronica or techno music, DJ Perro is a 5 piece shreddy band from Puebla Ciudad, Mexico that consists of 3 guitars, 1 bass and a drummer.

This is a thrashy first effort by a budding group with a lot of passion to share. Genres like progressive pop-metal, Latin influenced fusion-jazz metal and math rock all apply here!

Our featured song is track 2 "Okunoshina" which starts out happily with harmonizing and upbeat riffs, and a couple stop sequences with arpeggio sweeped guitar solos intermitting as accents to the songs brief pauses. A delayed effect dream state peeks in for a brief spell before the eventual sweeped solo ending. This is a favorite jam as it never fails to raise my spirit.

"Gecko" is another cool tune. The band delves into a trance inducing swell for a change from the usual shreddy riffs that encompass their overall sound.

"Juamperrito" gets a little tropical with its back and forth tapping and twirling riff pattern. Another happy tune that can break anyone away from a sad time. Towards the end of this song whistling is heard, perhaps they are whistling for a dog or a "perro," which means Dog in Spanish.. DJ Dog!

"Cinco Cuartos" is a slow emotional jam. This song sounds like you could easily close your eyes and be dancing at your high school prom with your sweetheart. Amidst the dotted notes plucked out are tear jerking guitar solos that make you want to scream out loud in excitement of the moment. This is the kind of songwriting that make you appreciate the process of writing a song. A perfect plateau and an ending that doesn't neglect your intrigue as it leaves you satisfied with the end result, a calvacade of post rock crescendos and restarts until closing.

DJ Perro's new album sounds like the early CHON 2008 demo when they were still more aggressive and had a slight metal tinge, but with more groove and funkiness. DJ Perro's new jams also remind me of one of my current favorite bands from Kansas City: Le Grand. DJP has shared the stage with Chon and I hope someday they can come to the states and jam with some more like minded bands. Should The Math Rock Times have a music festival?

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