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Guilt Trap - CAN'T GET HURT

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CAN'T GET HURT by Guilt Trap

New Album Premier

They say the mark of a good song is that it will sound as engaging on a lone acoustic guitar as it does in its fully produced form. The argument could be made that this rule does not apply to punk rock with its simple structures and straight-forward rhythms, but Vancouver band Guilt Trap have found a way to keep it interesting. With their syncopated rhythms and twinkling layered guitars, there’s a compelling pop song at the core of each of their debut’s four tracks. After stepping back from previous project, Mermaids, guitarist Riley McGuire began creating the material that would eventually become Guilt Trap’s first release. The group, including Drew Christie (Seven Nines & Tens) on drums and Stefan Tosheff (Yes Bear, Cloudhood) on guitar and lead vocals, holed up in Rain City Recorders (Japandroids, White Lung) to lay down the fast and fun Can’t Get Hurt EP. Following the release of album opener PSA in March, the band recently provided a second glimpse at what listeners can expect from their debut. On Gestate, Guilt Trap channel melodic punk peers Into It. Over It. and You Blew It! in their juxtaposition of rich, crunching guitar chords and sparkling arpeggios, such is the case for the rest of Can't Get Hurt. The vocals pick up where PSA left off and provide an emphatic melodic layer interspersed by frenetic drumming, and the album ends in a haze of distorted bass and whirling lead guitar. Can't Get Hurt will arrive digitally on May 11th with a release show at Pat's Pub in Vancouver on May 25th.

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