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America Beach - "Custard Danish" Exclusive Premier!

"America Beach 2" is the second full length album by the Australian instrumental solo act America Beach to be released on June 15th 2018.

Accented by plentiful harmonious breakdowns and punctual speedy tapping runs, you can't go wrong with track 1 "Devil's Food Cake."

Track 2 "Rain" is akin to trying to play the video game version of Chon's "Newborn Sun" on the most difficult setting. This a true boss level challenge from beginning to end.

The lounge-style jazz intermission sequence of track 3 "Midnight" acts as a delightful splash into a pool not often heard in the rock music forum.

Track 4 "Custard Danish" is our featured track:

"Custard Danish" starts out with a head spinning tapped riff that's sure to wake you from even the deepest musical hibernation. Just before crossing a straight into the hull of this song, what's heard is a breakdown showcasing a two-guitar tapping riff which boasts an interesting play on octaves. Midway through the journey, I hear a few odd dissonant notes thrown in with the usual major scale melodies. Prickly fretboard noodling carries me adrift through waves of contemplation until I'm met with the same breakdown bridging from earlier guiding me to an abrupt closing. As a whole, this song struck my ear as a fully-realized voyage from the primal nature of the deep blue sea through a lush green archipelago and onto the shores of a sun kissed beach. Few songs succeed at answering the very same questions they present. "Custard Danish" however, both sinks you and brings you to surface in the same breath!

Track 5 "Sun in Rain" is another favorite tune from this album.

Complete with shredding soloing, off time mini-breakdowns, and startling drumming spikes this is sure to be a repeated listen.

Djenty bass lines and perplexing structural break beats thrive in track 7 "We Dream," which is another pearl.

Overall this is an energetic and happy record. America Beach effortlessly puddle-hops between the waters of jazz and progressive rock with great fluidity. The similarities between Chon's album "Newborn Sun" and this one are uncanny.. however, this is not simply a Chon imitation record. In my opinion America Beach takes the layout of "Newborn Sun" era Chon and builds upon that solid foundation of pop metal by adding more of a jazz type of feeling.

Throwing in bits of various other genres including Djent and fusion-jazz.. This album pushes the boundaries of what's possible in the instrumental progressive rock genre and has a little something special for everyone.

Melborne, Australia's Ben Rennison is the sole founding member of America Beach. Hopefully we can see this project fleshed out into a full band someday and catch them on tour! Enjoy! -M Chan



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