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Dumb Waiter - HECK

Dumb Waiter - "Darn" - Exclusive Premier

From their upcoming album "HECK" which releases on July 3rd 2018

Beginning with a droning pace, Dumb Waiter deceptively lay the 4/4 beats down in unison. An unassuming and quiet saxophone eerily creeps in, then becomes boisterous as the band goes on the offense. This brazen delayed saxophone hits hard into whoever's eardrums are lucky enough to be within range. "Darn" is an auditory beat-down that takes no prisoners. Resetting into a psychedelic groove pattern, Mr. Bungle vibes ensue as this dark circus turns into something even more sinister. In closing "Darn" leads the listener onto a doomed Mardi Gras-shroomtrip of destruction or "doomtrip" if you will. Floating on an astral plane bombarded by waves of dark jazz and with a condition inspired by heavy metal, this new song does not fail to impress. Fans of the heavy brass metal band Ottone Pesante will surely enjoy this jam!

Skipping back, the first song on this Ep "Dang" starts out with a prog-rock vibe, then devolves into a weighted down industrial jazz-wave type of feeling with it's low end saxophone sweeps that sound like a blaring fog horn on a massive barge-ship, signaling the end of the world as we know it.

The third and final song "Dagnabbit" starts out quiet and utilizes the same atmosphere as its' predecessors but also incorporates a more traditional jazz sound for a brief spell. The waves of destructive beat downs continue as I delve further into the dark arts summoned by this standout Richmond, VA four-piece band. The end of "Dagnabbit" (after the phaser cannons blast me into oblivion) sounds like a New Orleans ragtime jazz band watching their practice space burn to the ground in horror as their sound reflects their emotions while they play their hearts (and lungs) out. I sit in a state of blissful anguish as I wait for a clarinet that never arrives to kick in. Yeah, I know the end is near but I'm not jumping ship as I'm content with riding this storm out until the apocalyptic denouement of this record boils everything down into a more palatable perspective.

Something's happening and it's not good is what I gather from this Ep. There is an air of impending doom all throughout "Heck" but it's one that I can live with and even thrive in. This heckin world that Dumb Waiter has created comes with its' ups and downs. Spiraling between traditional and more avant garde measures this Ep packs as much punch as any longer album could. Enjoy! - M Chan

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