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Gnawd Paw - Solemn Spector

july 5th

Gnawd Paw - Solemn Spector - Exclusive Premier

Philadelphia Pennsylvania's Gnawd Paw unveil their debut full length album "Solemn Spector" on July 6th. This 3 piece band includes keys, saxophone, sampling, two guitars, drums, bass and vocals. Listen to 2 new songs here!

"Hudge Riffer" begins with a short and bright tapped pattern that leads to an exuberant blast of fast paced drum fills and guitar tap attacks. A beautiful harmony between the two guitars interplay while synthesizer like vocals kick in. This song is full of technical melodic tapping, stop/start action and pop sensations. "Hudge Riffer" is a truly welcoming first impression.

"Slate Pastures" starting out reminds me of Postmadonna with it's heady build up and psychedelic undertones. Straightforward punk rock like drumming patterns. make for a solid foundation for the wildness of the eccentric guitar lines the realize their full potential. The fuzzy pop vocals come into light with this song which a nice change of perspective from "Hudge Riffer." Frenetic and harmonious guitar tapping licks peek their head in again before some shouting gang vocals bring this song to an end.

Overall the moods displayed in this album are positive and although this is math rock it's easy to digest and grasp early on which makes this music accessible to nearly any crowd. I can see this band making easily making their way onto a main stage at any large festival or venue. I'm happy I reached out to them at just before they were about to contact me, it was like a meeting destined in the stars! I'm eager to see this band grow and succeed. I hope to hear a lot more from Gnawd Paw in the future. -M Chan

Check out Gnawd Paws' bandcamp here:


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