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Colin Phils - Peru?

Colin Phils - "Peru?" - New Video Premier

Colin Phils' sound offers up complex guitar loops, synth lines, and intricate drumming. Our featured song "Peru?" showcases the band's versatility and smoothness. An epic post-rock like grandeur is displayed as tremolo picking creates the background imagery of a cloudy day inducing a dream like state. Hope is not lost as the guitars' whammy bar effect gently washes over everything with a shoegaze like atmosphere. From the rhythm section, snare rim tapping rolls bring the pristine guitar riffs into the forefront, who said the guitarist is the only one who gets to tap? In closing, warm vocals come back to haunt their empty space one last time before the fade away ending. Complete with beautiful harmonized vocals, twinkly guitar riffs, and overflowing with emotion this song is a truly accurate depiction of the band as a whole.

This song can be found on a split called

"Star Charts" with Houdan The Mystic


Colin Phils is an American indie rock band formed in South Korea in 2013. The band self-released their first album, titled "Right at Home" in June 2014, and a single Best Foot Forward in December 2014. Their Latest Album "e,r,som,sa.." was released in Hong Kong via Sweaty & Cramped on May 29th, 2016. The band then went on a 21 show tour through out all the major cities in China on their 'Big China Tour." Their sound has been described as part math-rock, part indie-rock, with catchy hooks and harmonies throughout. Colin Phils has played throughout South Korea, China, Hong Kong, and the USA. Colin Phils is now based in Richmond, Virginia and has been performing as a 3 piece ensemble. Newly based out of Richmond, VA Colin Phils will soon embark on an east coast US tour, be sure to catch them in your city!

colin phils summer tour

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