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Covet - Effloresce

Covet - Effloresce - Review & Stream

"Shibuya" starts out like a seedling with a dance inducing tapped riff and then quickly, like the blossoming of spring flowers evolves into an untamed garden full of hidden orchids. This song grows from the ground up with a post rock like grandeur and precise time signature changes that bring to light the versatility of moods Covet is able to effortlessly affect. Midway through, a moment of cinematic reflective clarity prunes sonically painted leaves of twinkly guitar riffs to reveal the hanging fruit within. Circling back to the initial dance riff in closing, Covet's eagerness shines through and has already won me over. Internationally famed producer San Holo's guest appearance brings a different perspective to this tune.

"Glimmer" is a hazy progressive jam with rays of sunlight pointing through the clouds. This song makes it easy to find oneself on an introspective journey. Slightly off kilter tones sway between major and minor keys by way of a tremolo bar introducing a dreary shoegaze vibe and a change in moods. In closing the guitar sounds like it's filtered through an aquatic tank, wet and warbled, "Glimmer" leaves me with a feeling of pensiveness. That same feeling bleeds into the next song..