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Covet - Effloresce

Covet - Effloresce - Review & Stream

"Shibuya" starts out like a seedling with a dance inducing tapped riff and then quickly, like the blossoming of spring flowers evolves into an untamed garden full of hidden orchids. This song grows from the ground up with a post rock like grandeur and precise time signature changes that bring to light the versatility of moods Covet is able to effortlessly affect. Midway through, a moment of cinematic reflective clarity prunes sonically painted leaves of twinkly guitar riffs to reveal the hanging fruit within. Circling back to the initial dance riff in closing, Covet's eagerness shines through and has already won me over. Internationally famed producer San Holo's guest appearance brings a different perspective to this tune.

"Glimmer" is a hazy progressive jam with rays of sunlight pointing through the clouds. This song makes it easy to find oneself on an introspective journey. Slightly off kilter tones sway between major and minor keys by way of a tremolo bar introducing a dreary shoegaze vibe and a change in moods. In closing the guitar sounds like it's filtered through an aquatic tank, wet and warbled, "Glimmer" leaves me with a feeling of pensiveness. That same feeling bleeds into the next song..

"Sea Dragon" featuring Mario Camarena of the band Chon starts out with a slow and deliberate pace utilizing harmonic plucks and rich background layers. The following build up sequence sets the scene for a noodly tapping guitar riff that takes center stage showcasing the sturdy foundation of Yvette's riffs that forge every Covet song out of pristine jade stone. The blisterin' guitar solo by Mario in the end really brings things to a new level. My favorite bass line of any Covet song is brought back to life by David Adamiak in this new rendition of a much loved jam.

The ecosphere that is "Gleam" introduces ethereal and quiet droplets that build up to a drumbeat in 9/8 elongated in the middle with an afro-cuban groove. This jam sounds like the dawn of creation. "Gleam" is an early world in which life is springing into existence. The beauty in simplicity of this song is pure in its transcendental nature. This song although brief is in itself a separate universe birthing a vast array of concepts. This song is a treasure and a terrarium that I could live happily in forever.

Maintaining a complicated maturity "Falkor" brings back the raw energy of solo Yvette Young jams like "Mermaid." A grunge tone ensues as we get a dose of twinkle attacks like needle points pushed perfectly into place by an acupuncturist. Hitting precise spots in the meridian lines now rejuvenated with a new sense of awareness, I realize this song is quite epic. Just as I get lost in the clouds around 5 mins in I am reawakened into an appropriate closing sequence bringing much resolve and satisfaction. A blasting drum solo by Forrest Rice at the end and a familiar dance guitar pattern bring this jam to rest.

"Howl" is my personal favorite from this record. By the groove laden and excessive guitar hooks you can tell Covet has been playing shows with Polyphia. An inspiring 3 note hook catches me quick just before a lull which leads to a heavy off time breakdown pattern that eerily screams "the wolves are out tonight." Hammer-ons lead to a walking downstairs guitar riff followed by quick speed-ups in the form of octave spanning, hand-alternating taps, or "butterfly tapping." A distorted thrashy sequence in closing creates feelings of nostalgia for me reminiscing back on the days when my punk band played aggressively and without restraint. These sentimental feelings bring the moon in a little closer at night.

As stated in a recent broadcast, brooding Covet songs like "Ares" have been played out by the guitarist. Yvette Young has come to a point in the road where technically complex songwriting doesn't always mean flashy and fast. Instead of expending energy while playing, Yvette draws in energy. Rhythmically speaking Yvette plays the in between notes, defensively and with great precision. Yvette's notes cascade into existence with a gentleness and grace to their cadence as opposed to a being forced from anywhere. Covet's songs are based around the guitar however the riffs leave room for the other instruments to be heard just as much.

Leaning towards a more even pace and settling into the pocket with their new drummer Forrest, Covet is refining and polishing their sound. Effloresce is a birth and re-birth cycle of slightly permutated ecosystems that become fully realized by the exploration of different perspectives. I am very pleased with this album and can't wait to catch them live again. Here are the current tour dates, watch out for new tour announcements for the Midwest/ East Coast towards the end of 2018. Keep up to date at

Fri. July 20th Santa Ana, CA: Constellation Room

Sat. July 21st San Diego, CA: Voodoo Room at House of Blues

Sun. July 22nd Phoenix, AZ: The Rebel Lounge

Tues. July 24th Denver, CO: Lost Lake Lounge

Wed. July 25th Salt Lake City, UT: Kilby Court

Thu. July 26th Reno, NV: The Holland Project

Sat. July 28th Santa Cruz, CA: The Catalyst Atrium

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