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Taam 4 - Pastel

曇 Taam 4 - New Song Premier & Interview with

Hong Kong's newest instrumental math rock band.

"Pastel" starts out with trap beats against slow noodly riffs, a rocketship launch in the middle and ends with a beautiful jazzy piano solo, twinkle attacks and seamless time signature changes. Click here to Follow Taam 4 on Facebook for new developments: Taam4

1. How did your band form?

The band was formed in 2016 summer. Bassist (Stanley) and I, guitarist (Jeff) have been playing in the band since 2016. Our band has been through several personnel changes, since both our former drummers and guitarist have left the band in 2017. Guitarist (Walter), pianist (Lilian) and drummer (Envo) joined the band. So currently we are a five piece band playing instrumental music.

2. What bands or musicians have influenced your sound the most and why?

I think the musical influence has been very diverse in our band as we grown up listening to a lot of different music genre. From Midwest emo twinkle math rock to Japan indie rock, etc. We try not to make any definition in our music style as it could eventually limit our creativity. But for us to form a math rock, American football has bought us to odd time signatures and twinkle mathy emo music.

3. Who or what inspires your musical creativity the most? Toe is the band that inspires us a lot. They inspired us in their

way of song arrangement and flow of emotions, dynamics

of music, etc. They have inspired us to write instrumental

music with dedicated details in arrangement and harmonization.

4. Who are your current and all time favorite bands?

Currently, covet has been hitting us hard with their new albums! Toe is our all time favorite!

5. what are you trying to covey through your music?

To comment on the musical creativity we basically trying to jam some riff and place them in the form of song, there are times that we were stuck in the middle of in the song but hey that's how we start thinking musically what is music? however there is only one answer honestly, to us, music is basically feeling or emotion. We therefore try to express our music as a language. A language we use to communicate by playing our instrument in different time signatures, therefore creating different feeling.

6. Do you plan to play live shows and tour in the future?

We are working hard for a couple more songs to play some gigs. And hopefully tour in the future!

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