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For Dummies

For Dummies, a three piece band from Xalapa, Mexico seamlessly blends the unpredictably random and technically complex characteristics of math rock with the epic nature of post rock and throws in a bit of kraut & prog rock for good measure. Fans of A.Armada, North End & El Ten Eleven are sure to enjoy this band.

"Aokigahara" although ironically being named after Japan's infamous "suicide forest" is a happy and upbeat jam. Tropical vibes ensue as I dip my feet into the warm waters of this colorfully vibrant tune. Distorted strumming riffs against noodly extended arpeggios is a common theme throughout this song and the entire album. This is a perfect jam to listen to while strolling on the beach.

"Told ya bro, no sea men is good" starts with a gentle riff leading to off timed breakdowns which are a recurring pattern. Twinkly interludes visit throughout, reminding me of how fun tapping is. Closing with a palm muted aggressive metal tinged riff this song ends in all business.

"Tresontia" is a ten minute long expedition that starts out with a more straightforward rock music sound in a 4 over 4 time signature. At 1:20 minutes in things take a turn in an interesting new direction. Alternating between 6/8 and 7/8 a kraut rock type of jam session feeling takes hold utilizing a repetitive bass line which lays the foundation for guitars to solo and lead the listener into an imaginative realm where anything is possible. At 3:22 another change in moods is felt bringing about slow noodly riffs in 6/8. In closing the band takes us back to the beginning 4/4 pace adding twinkly riffs that co-mingle with distorted background strums and shredding guitar solos. This Ep is a solid 5/5 and highly recommended!

-M Chan

correspondent: Chelsey D.

Come out to see For Dummies Play Live Tomorrow in DF, Mexico City, Mexico at La Casa Del Abuelo venue:

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