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Glomus - Circle

Glomus is a 3 piece instrumental rock band from Cookeville, TN.

Combining elements of progressive rock, post rock and math rock, Glomus brings a dynamic and accessible musical experience to the stage.

The entrancing nature of this music keeps me enthralled which is hard to do seeing as how I have a short attention span and dislike the majority of what I hear. With Glomus it seems like every repetitive tapping line or psychedelic guitar tangent that comes across is it's own new path to follow untainted by neither mundane dull riffs nor overly technical bombardments of notes.

One of the stand out tracks on "Circle" is without a doubt "Gristleback." Starting out with a droning saunter and a repetitive tapped out guitar riff that screeches out like a rooster's crow, there's no question as to what genre I'm listening to. This is unquestionably math rock. A sped up pace is realized by way of a frenetic guitar lick which is quickly rebutted by a slowed down gentle pattern built off of it's predecessors foundation. Midway through, sparse drum fills contrast against tubular surf-rock like bass lines birthing a unique dynamic where the whole band comes together for an all out audio assault. In closing, just like the album title, Glomus circles back to the first swiftly paced guitar riff which initially caught my ear.

"Gristleback" is a fully realized journey from a misty country barn in a valley to the lush hills of the Smoky Mountains and then back again."

As a band, Glomus' songwriting process is heavily centered around calculating rhythmic expressions, defining the interdependence of singular parts and forming transitions.

Glomus effectuates stretches of improvised measures where their guitarist organically experiments until the next signaled transition into expertly structured drumming patterns bring about changes in time signatures and moods. The aforementioned drumming patterns employed provide a stable infrastructure for the other members to showcase their skills as well.

Bassist Cale K. had this to say about inspiration in songwriting: "What inspires my musical creativity is the rhythmic connection between different elements. In the music that I listen to, and that inspires me, there's usually something interesting happening rhythmically, even across different eras, genres, and traditions."

Similar sounding bands to Glomus are: The Physics House Band, Babar, A.Armada, North End & My Day At The Races

I'm very glad I found "Circle" during my daily quest for exceptional new music and am excited to see what the future brings for this budding Tennessee band. I know it'll be something special. Enjoy!

-M Chan

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