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A-Tota-So - Black Market Broccoli

Exclusive Video Premier

A-Tota-So is a math rock/grunge band from the East Midlands, England. Formed in 2016 as a result of the bands Alright the Captain and Cheap Jazz going on hiatus. They are set to release their debut self-titled album on the 17th of September, 2018. The Math Rock Times is proud to present the first video single from the album.

"Black Market Broccoli" is my featured track. With a guitar tone akin to Giraffes? Giraffes! this song starts out with an angular and choppy noodling riff. Met with a strumming interlude playing on octaves, back to the start again with the hammer-on riffage. Shortly past midway through, a slowed down strumming breakdown starts to bring everything to a close with an exaggerated post rock like ending sequence showcasing a delayed guitar acting like a synth would to create a richly layered moody moment. This song makes a great first impression.

"Tea Leaf" comes at me full speed with a more typical sound from that of a math rock band, twinkly tapping riffs are met with thrashy strumming riffs, a continuing and welcomed theme on this record. Heavy vibes ensue as I hear thrash attacks that could easily be a part of any given Rage Against The Machine song.

"Double Deaf" strikes me with a more progressive rock type of sound to start out. I love songs that completely change direction halfway through, it's like getting two songs in one. Shortly past the middle of the song "Double Deaf" turns violently into an all out attack on gentleness, roughness wins.

In "Notionology" guitarist Marty T. expertly uses feedback as part of the riff, a technique employed by many but perfected by few. A change in tempo is reflected after about a minute in. This is a dungeon level run as the bass and guitar licks here give off an eerie Castlevania vibe. Saberwulf is that you? In closing a fade out into bliss with a thoughtful gentle riff that could easily be the intro to a Metallica song sends me off into a hazy slumber.

"Acer" makes my sleep peaceful, this song starts with a slightly off kilter riff and is generally mild mannered. As the most calming song on the record this song is the perfect successor to its predecessor.

Skipping through to the end of the record when "Clever Liver" starts out it seems like I'm in some type of industrial-jungle and then I hear sounds reminiscent of "Owls" who are one of the many great Kinsella brother's bands, of which also include American Football, Make Believe & Ghosts and Vodka. This jam is one of my favorites from the album.

With equal parts twinkle and thrash, the contrasting themes on A-Tota-So's new record co-exist brilliantly to create a truly unique sound. Overall this new record is a nice mix of yin and yang. With just about as much tenderness as aggression this is a house divided, yet it still stands true and in my opinion will be a monument in the English DIY/Math/Indie scene for quite some time. - M. Chan

Upcoming Shows:

  • Oct 20

The Windmill, Brixton

Brixton, UK

  • Oct 27

  • Little Buildings

Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

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(photo credit: Mr. Toner R.I.P.)

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