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Deeply Woven - Mrak Attack

Exclusive Premier

Deeply Woven is a 4-piece progressive rock band from New Jersey that combines elements of metal, jazz fusion, math rock & post rock. Their music ranges from upbeat, colorful, and triumphant to tranquil, melancholic, and cinematic.

"Mrak Attack" starts out with a poly-rhythmic guitar riff that could easily be part of any given Mega Man background theme song. At around 1:10 a change of pace comes as another noodly and more jazzy riff takes hold which leads to a prog-punk type of vibe when the drums blast straightforward beats at 2:00 mins in. Shortly afterwards the guitars' soloing leads to another realm full of noodles and emotion yet unknown. If I closed my eyes right now at around 2:30 I'd be in a lagoon with a waterfall and a mist rising from the crystal clear H2O surrounding me. Are those native flutes just in my head or are they in the song? Okay they're just in my head. I'm not listening to Cusco here, but that esoteric type of shamanic presence is the energy I take away from this jam.

Ending with a slowed down jazz fusion type of feeling a short progressive blues solo that I'm not at all mad at says "Hi!" before a relapse into noodle land once more.

"Mrak Attack" as an entity has very soft glows of warmness permeating the very soul of its' consciousness. As a song there's no shadowy darkness, just pure moods, shredding and positive vibes here. If you like well structured and thought out songwriting, not to mention the Periphery tier high level production quality! Head over to in a few days on the 21st to buy/stream the full record! Enjoy!

-M Chan

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Deeply Woven's video single for "Weatheria"

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