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Yufi 64 - Single Premier

Yufi⁶⁴ - "Like When We Were Young"

Yufi⁶⁴ is a newly

formed band from Seattle, WA

that features Chester Cun of

Curse League on bass,

electronic music producer

Todd Maegerle on guitar

and drummer Ian Steiner.

Noodly, twinkly riffs co-mingle with electronic samples, while synthesizer licks nimbly dart and weave

through the main riffs, carving out their own path all the while still accenting and complimenting the rest of the instruments. Overall warm vibes and sharp tones are felt in this brief but powerful new jam!

With a Bright and sparkly disposition Yufi⁶⁴'s

guitar floats closely above the playful rhythm section

making it easy to keep your head bobbing along

with the bubbly beat. I love the mood and

flowing motions of the guitar. There is a raw

quality to this thrashy electro-pop that's

packed full of more left hooks than a

southpaw boxer.

If you're in the PNW Catch them playing

live in early Oct! Tour dates below.

Tour Dates:

Thu OCT 4th 8:30 PM Black Lodge. Seattle, WA

Fri OCT 5th 7 PM Octapas Cafe. Olympia, WA

Sat OCT 6th 7 PM PDT Interzone. Corvallis, OR

Sun OCT 7th 7 PM PDT pizza planet. Eugene, OR

OCT 8th w/ Dokoe Mon 10 PM PDT Milk Bar. San Francisco, CA

Wed OCT 10th w/ Rick & Dick (ex: Sea Monkey See) 8 PM PDT Beatnik Bandito Music Emporium Santa Ana, CA

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