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Confluence - Believe

New Song Premier: Confluence - "Believe"

After 4 long years, Denver, Colorado's Confluence return with an amazing new single ahead of their full album "Closure, Start Over" to be released on October 26th 2018.

I once read a review about TTNG's "Coconut Crab" being the song that made math rock "dance-able." Well, that's an understatement for Confluence's music.. Their new album "Closure, Start Over" is so chocked full of dance inducing riffs that if you're not sweating by the end of it you may not have the volume up loud enough!

"Believe" starts off with a bang, utilizing a quick, intensely syncopated snare/kick drum pattern and falling into a 4/4 groove that instantly had me swaying back and forth to the beat. I immediately notice in this song, as well as Confluence's other music, that their guitarists often play off of each other with "call & answer" patterns making expert use of harmony and counterpoint to create a sonically rich, textured sound that is only further thickened by the rhythmic precision and melodic nature of their bassist Alan Hubbard's playing. The first verse of "Believe" begins with their singer/guitarist Ian Gassman joining in the mix, providing his high and unique vocals. At just under a minute, the song then goes right into a chorus-type section, seeing the guitarists strumming heavy chords in a staccato, quarter note rhythm with the drummer and bassist following suit, making this section incredibly easy to bob your head to. The lyrics are infectiously catchy. Most likely you'll be going on about your day then in your head you'll hear.. "Some things are best left.. ALONE!"

After four measures, the guitarists and bassist continue their staccato attack while drummer Spenser Leighton spices it up a bit with some flashy fills in between. During all this, the singer belts his lyrics with conviction and clarity, making it impossible to not dig along. This leads into a post-chorus bridge consisting of the right guitarist Gastón Leone softly picking through an arpeggio which leads into the second verse. The instrumental section of the second verse varies a bit from the first, though still maintaining the flawless melodic and rhythmic interplay between each musician. The chorus then comes in again with some variation in the lyrics but maintaining the same jazzy, staccato groove. This is followed by both guitarists picking an arpeggio which builds in volume and intensity, leading up to a satisfying and melodic solo section, followed by another repetition of the chorus and one final crook from the singer to close the track out. With bright headlights shining from a luxurious, fully realized vehicle of lush sounds and with every optional add on you can think of, Confluence strikes me as the "Cadillac of math rock." If you think this song is going to get stuck in your head, you're right. Next week on Friday the 12th we'll be premiering another new song from "Closure, Start Over," so stay tuned! -Nick C. Digital Pre-Orders here:

Confluence: left to right: Ian Gassman (guitar/vocals), Gastón Leone (guitar), Alan Hubbard (bass), Spenser Leighton (drums)


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