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Confluence - Montano (M.D.I.T.M.)

Exclusive Premier

"Montano" boasts genuine bright and upbeat moods invoking feelings of nostalgia and content. This song seems to have two main sections. The first begins with a single guitar tapping a simple descending arpeggio for several measures, followed soon by a second guitar picking through a different smooth arpeggio for another few measures until the drums, bass and vocals kick in.

This song seems to be in 4/4 time for the most part, though it doesn't necessarily feel that way due to the accenting snare hits on the 3rd, 6th, and 8th beat of each measure in the beginning.

This eventually leads into a kind of groovy, sliding, transitional guitar riff that turns into the second main section of the song, which contrasts the first by switching to 5/4 time and making excellent use of delay, reverb swells, long drawn-out chords, and a melody played by the bass guitar to create a dreamy, spacey vibe.

The song continues like this for a couple of minutes until the same transitional guitar riff from the first section returns, followed by an outro consisting of the left guitar playing its same picked arpeggio from the first section while the right guitar plays ambient, single note volume swells until the song's end. Throughout the song, the singer does a great job of carrying the melody with his higher vocal register, adding greatly to the importance of the emotions felt in this jam.

This song stands out to me because of its' accessibility. It's simple "beep-beep-boop" tapping intro makes a great first impression as a song to show people new to the genre, yet it's lush and full sound can accommodate even the most meticulous and detailed oriented math rock aficionados tastes. Enjoy! -Nick C.



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