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The Redneck Manifesto - Djin Chin

New Song Premier!

After 8 long years without releasing any new material, Ireland's "The Redneck Manifesto" debut the single "Djin Chin" from their new album to be released on Nov 30th.

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The Redneck Manifesto bring a relaxed atmosphere to the table with this new jam. A jazzy and chilled pace in 4/4 engages the listener while still challenging them as well. Several changes are heard throughout this 4 minute long song. TRM has always struck me as a very well polished jam band with roots in progressive rock. This notion still stands today however, "Djin Chin" strikes me as more refined in nature sonically speaking. There's an air of calmness to its' demeanor until around the 2:05 mark when we hear a sudden switch into an upbeat 6/4 drumming pattern along with bright tones in the guitar strumming riff. At 2:45 mins in TRM circles back to the initial peaceful pace as in the beginning and send the listener to the start of the maze once more.

The funkiness and outright math rock vibes heard in TRM's previous release "Friendship" has disappeared for the most part in this new sound I hear from the band, however this is just the 1st single and I expect (and hope) to hear more of the old sound, but won't be sad if I don't get it. I love when bands evolve and grow, as long as it still rocks, which this new song most certainly does.

This album should make people reconsider the over-use of post production manipulation. All tracks are able to be heard organically with defined dimensions and absolute clarity.

This is a much welcomed return by the band as it's been way too long without hearing anything new. I look forward to November 30th when the full record is released!

-M Chan

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