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Tenchio - Bedroom Chaos of the Inner Noodle

New Album Premier!

Solo Uruguayan Guitarist Manuel Tenchio Premiers His New Album "Bedroom Chaos of the Inner Noodle"

An unknown inter-dimensional alien life form has taken hold of Tenchio, infiltrated his computer systems and had it's way with his creation, afflicting a monstrosity of glitches into an album through it's own devices of system errors and debug scripts.

Track 1 "Shibetron Construct" begins with a glitchy folk finger-style electric guitar pattern and like a trans-human cyborg it's afflicted by the virus, a self replicating plague of a syncopated guitar tapping hooks takes hold for a few brief spells all throughout as it winds and twists through itself until the end.

"Sozin's Comet" starts as whirlwind with slides up the neck to break up frenetic tapping sequences and evolves into a dreamy haze of thunderous rain, with unearthly screams and a spacey synthesizer sounding like a

computer gone haywire brings this session to rest.

"Saint Vitus" upslides punctuate these short pure math riffs. Glitchy repetitious light short and fast tapping/finger-style riffs drive as well as accent every song on this album as perfectly displayed in this song. ending with a short selection of samples and a post rock like dream-state, one more delve back into mathy chaos ensues in closing.

"Lettuce Eat Manga" A standout track here is which is a boisterous journey with many permutations. From breakneck speeds to stop-start pauses, and complete 180 degree tempo changes, this song has everything you could want in math rock. Midway the song completely changes direction. An industrial droning saunter inducing a haze of meticulously placed guitar hooks like malware spam windows that keep popping up and you can't stop even if you wanted to. a beautiful quick folky finger style lick finally shut down this jam.

"Eulogy (Feat. Kenda Saito)" is a funky electronic jam with club vocals and a groovy bass line.. a short interlude until the meat of the song kicks in with another noodly riff and full band joins in shortly. ending super groovy.

"Corgo Deconstruct" is a piano dreamland, a futuristic amusement park. A brief roller-coaster ride of distorted dreams.

Like a computer virus, a bug that infects every little hidden file or program on your operating system, be it a jpeg or an mp3. This trojan horse interrupts every aspect of your work or leisure, it inserts itself into every nook and cranny you can find. It's a symbiotic parasite that takes control of it's host and alters matter for it's own survival. There is no running away. The only way to attempt escape it's clutches is to HARD RESET, SYSTEM REBOOT, but then the adventure begins again.



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