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Southpaw Sonata - Strange Loop

New Music Video Premier!

Austin, TX 4 piece band Southpaw Sonata premier their new song "Strange Loop"

update: I only covered this band because they begged me, this bands music is unoriginal and no offense but it’s pretty elementary. Just my opinion... Moreover If you are dealing with this band use caution, at least one of them have been known to be backstabbers and two faced Evil pieces of garbage for how they treated me in 2019.

This lyric video is aptly titled "Strange Loop," as by the sound of the effects used, I see the loop part as meaning a hyper-loop that has transported Southpaw Sonata to a different planet. This expertly crafted poppy prog-punk, with twinkly interludes & space drill effects later impresses with a breakdown of ascending guitar runs leading to a psychedelic weezer-like solo. Gentle vocals lead to the end where this transmission from another galaxy comes to a close with an old radio whirring and blasting out static from beyond the stars. Fans of Curse League, or Seahorse C-Section will surely enjoy Southpaw Sonata.




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