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Wanderlust - Naufragio

Album Review

Lima, Peru's Wanderlust bring a vibrant energy to math rock, infusing a unique Latin jazz flavor with rock style drumming and a progressive song structure.

Not until two minutes in do the vocals kick in, adding flare and emotion to the mix of the second song "Ruisenor"

Beginning with a straightforward beat, minor chords and intense hammer-on leads, a feeling of pensiveness ensues with track 3 "El Sol Bajo El Mar" The line between Progressive rock and math rock is further blurred with a short solo tease followed by a repetitive run shortly before the delayed dream-wave effects bleed into the next track.

"Donde Esta Mi Hogar" is the only track that seems to be driven by gentle vocals in the beginning. These vocals quickly evolve into screams while the post rock like ambient nature of the instrumentation washes over my soul.

Picking the pace back up "Baile Amargo" showcases the bands' passion for progressive jazz adventures. Mixing standard jazz strumming patterns with wild fusion-jazz like soloing, I hear many similarities between this song and most of Jr. Clooney's recent material.

The final track "E.U.G.D.P.E.E.D." is yet another exercise in hazy delayed dream-wave like guitar effects all the while a person speaking in the background with something to get off of his chest becomes part of a larger group of similar ramblings, which evolves into many people talking and yelling like a collective tortured soul paying for its sins.. Ending in hellish screams and with a condition inspired by torment, this album does not fail to deliver excitement and something unexpected from a talented group of musicians. Enjoy!

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