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Flodhäst - Unos Dias en la Tierra

Puebla City, Mexico's Flodhäst deliver a stunning new post rock album.

Track 2 "Donde Nacen Los Rios" is my favorite song on the album and perhaps the most upbeat jam on the record.

Beginning with a quiet

glitchy, warbled

effect, a guitar strumming pattern takes focus bringing a sudden burst of warm energy.

A pause welcomes a moment of reflection while twinkly guitar interludes provide texture to the consistent drumming pattern. There's nothing too overwhelming about this track which is perfect for stabilizing the same mood all throughout.

"Volcanes" is one of the few tunes on this album that starts out with an ominous feeling and then evolves into something more beautiful but still a feeling of pensiveness is present as the strumming patterns provide layers of sediment to sift through.

Another favorite song is "Piramides," which starts as a gentle two part guitar interplay and grows into a full epic tune in closing. "El Hombre Del Mar" is a concise closing track, starting out with a tremolo strumming riff on the guitar that washes over everything with a cascade like effect, showcasing a plateau with distorted wall of sound like guitar riffs and ending with the same tremolo strumming this album is put to rest only to rise again when I'm feeling like being in a peaceful mood.

Here's the youtube playlist link -->Click Here <--

click here for Flodhast's bandcamp


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