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Let's Swim, Get Swimming - Pepe Smooth

New Video Single Premier!

Beginning with a twinkling picked guitar riff against stop/start drumming, I can already feel the stars aligning. The intro leads to a sudden rush of strumming riffs while a rusty sounding effect on the guitar for a few measures alters my state for a spell, then the intro hook peeks in again. A fuzzy wall of distortion keeps place while guitar soloing brings about a calmness that washes over me like a cascade during this "reset period" which brings me back to the main hook. A breakdown with just bass and drums brings a moment to reflect and prepare for what's to come. A noodling solo guitar invites everyone else to join into this new relaxing holiday before the storm of an outro. There are only short parts of this bands' songs that sounds like other bands.. when put all together this band is truly unique. I can compare them to some other bands and those bands would be chef goldblum, via luna & The Dad Hats, but these are loose comparisons, LSGS has carved out their own sound. Furthermore, LSGS keeps getting better in their songwriting and musicianship. Although the vibes are more serious in this track, LSGS's music maintains the sunny disposition I've always known it to have. It's impossible to stay sad while listening to LSGS. This band is a reliable source of happy sounding music, and I can only hope this will continue forever.

Hear the 1st single "Midnight Shrew" here:

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